Social Impact and Diversity

We make a difference.
Everpark is a 100% African-American owned, privately held company with an impressive list of institutional clients. Our organization prides itself on our effective programs that create opportunities for people in underserved communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We don’t just make claims about being socially-conscious: we walk the walk.  

Every day, people of all colors and backgrounds clock in and work hard, earning their way up the ladder through great work, great attitudes and dedication.  

We have a system to find great talent, and owners can feel rewarded, knowing their property is managed by a skilled, positive and responsible team.

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We partner with like-minded owners, creating opportunity and improving the lives of the people on our teams. Learn what it means to be staffed by ambitious individuals who have a vision for a better life.
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Everpark's Mission

Our mission is to have a meaningful impact by doing our part to narrow the employee investment gap between America’s blue-collar workforce and their white-collar counterparts. 

We achieve this with measurable results by: 

●    Training
●    Educating
●    Graduating

Over 100 employees have gone through our management training program.

Everpark's Objective

Our objectives are: 

●    To provide foundational and transferable skills to better prepare underprivileged associates for management positions. 
●    Develop associates while strengthening Everpark’s talent pipeline for key positions. 

The outcome is that we are able to maintain high-quality staff at all times, protecting the value of our offering and streamlined operations for every client’s property.

Everpark's Structure

Our structure addresses three key areas that take care of achieving our goals in the day-to-day, long-term and on for every individual:  

Use everyday, on-the-job situations as learning opportunities.
We are always connecting and giving industry and business experts the opportunity to guide and train our deserving employees. 

We provide a curated curriculum, delivered through a leading online educational institution, for formal training.

Making the World a Better Place

A core Everpark belief is that every person can make a difference every day. Compounded, this vision is transformational. With us, every individual matters. That’s why we’ve been able to achieve and maintain a fun-loving, friendly and happy culture. We’re proud of how we work, and our clients reap the benefits. 

Want to learn more? We place great value on client relationships and love partnering with like-minded owners.
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