Consulting & Auditing

Where do you have room for improvement?
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Parking Garage Consulting and Auditing

Managing parking garages is a highly specialized field. Your high-value investment has the opportunity to yield impressive returns… or not. Often, there are identifiable operational points of improvement, and Everpark consultants can find them.
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Operational Procedures

Everpark excels in operational excellence. That means we offer processes and high-tech tools for end-point solutions. Enhanced scheduling, staffing, reporting & more give you transparency into the day-to-day.

Financial Reporting Practices

Are your revenue goals and realitiesmatching up? Managing an asset like a parking garage requires market knowledge,business acumen and data-driven decision making. Our consultants can activatethat journey for you.


We have a joyful, committed team culture: we hire great people, and they stick around. If that is not your experience with owning a parking garage, our consultants can help identify the issue and pave a path toward a healthier team.
Let’s chart a roadmap for success.

Parking Systems Audit

Providing end-to-end assessment and insight for strategic improvements.
Operational Systems
Daily Revenue
Tickets and reporting
We are called auditors, but just because there isn’t a better word for it.
Everpark strives to identify inefficiencies and refine processes to better serve our clients. Our auditing system defines proper posting and reconciliation standards, provides monthly ticket and revenue control audits, and creates reporting transparency for clients. Opportunities always exist to drive revenues to the bottom line, and at Everpark, we continually strive to tighten controls and expand revenue streams.
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