Managed Parking for Event Venues

The fans are coming: do you have a parking management solution?
We are living in an experience economy.

Boomers, millennials and Gen-Y/Gen-Zers have something in common:

They love live events.

About 32 million people go to at least one music festival a year

Nielsen, 2019

More than 150 million people go to professional sporting events each year.

US Travel, 2018

As many as 47 million Americans attend a live theater event every month.

Statista, 2020

If you operate a sports stadium, concert arena or event venue of any kind, you need a high-tech parking management system.

And Everpark can implement one.

Everpark: Management Parking Solutions for Your Venue

The experience economy relies on one distinct factor: customer service.

An end-to-end customer experience has toinclude parking systems that are easy, convenient and efficient.

Everpark solves all of your problems byproviding comprehensive parking systems:

●    High-tech operations from the back-end, including creative space allocation tools, digital scheduling and cutting-edge software.
●    Reporting practices that emphasize transparency and ROI optimization.
●    The best staff in the world: friendly, well-trained and on the ball all of the time.

Your asset is safe with us. 
Our clients love us.

We have tons of great reviews from all over the world and we are super happy to share those with you.

Our first event after they took over was July 6th. Despite a short window to prepare for this event, Parking & Transportation was successful at our first event.

The number of complaints our organization receives per event has gone from a few each match to literally only one in the past 5 months altogether. Both improvements have been game-changers for us this season.

Los Angeles Football Club

We were considering one of the largest parking management companies but took a chance on Everpark largely on the recommendation of another institutional owner, Crown Realty. It turned out to be one of our better decisions made.

Through this project, I came to appreciate how critically important parking operations are to a Class A office building. Everpark helped us land our first new tenant, a wealth management company, by creating a customized concierge parking service for their wealthy clientele.

Saunders Property Group

Within a year our revenues have increased by 35% respectively. Their staff is very courteous and professional; I have received comment cards from our guests regarding the improved service at the parking booth and the overall helpful attitude they project.

I can only say positive remarks about Everpark and their staff, not only have increased our revenue substantially in a year, they bring back the true meaning of hospitality to our guests.

Handlery Hotel and Resort

Everpark began advising Federal Realty several months ago on ways to improve the customer experience of parking at Santana Row, as well as at several other key properties.

They have been absolutely critical in introducing us to new technology in this area and guiding us through on-the-ground considerations.

Federal Realty

The team at Everpark is very easy to work with and ready to help solve issues that may arise in a timely manner and with a smile on their face. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team.


Their ability to integrate traditional parking strategies with state-of-the-art technology solutions is truly impressive. Having worked closely with the Everpark team I can confidently recommend their services.

Exposition Park

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