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This is Everpark.

Everpark: Skill, Vision, Heart

Everpark provides professional parking management services, but that’s not all. Pioneered by young black founders, Everpark quickly earned a spot as one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Our skillful asset management placed us at the front of a field, and our heart for community investment keeps us there. 

Read on to learn more about who Everpark is, what we believe, and why our clients are so happy.

One of the fastest growing private companies in America

100% Black Owned


Our Work

Everpark manages parking garages across all asset groups including office, hotels, event venues, hospitals and shopping centers. Our professional parking management services support owners across all these industries and investors in commercial real estate.

Our Story

Everpark is the quintessential American story of ingenuity. 

Our company was launched by a team of young black professionals, armed with courage to start a company even in the middle of the greatest recession of our generation. Talent won out, and in less than a decade we were ranked among similar, fast-growing companies disrupting the market. We have quickly become a leading provider in asset management, and have developed high-tech, people-first systems. Our impressive client list includes some of the largest institutional commercial real estate, stadium, hotel, and hospital operators.

Our first event after they took over was July 6th. Despite a short window to prepare for this event, Parking & Transportation was successful at our first event.

The number of complaints our organization receives per event has gone from a few each match to literally only one in the past 5 months altogether. Both improvements have been game-changers for us this season.

Los Angeles Football Club

Our Manifesto

“Happy Employees, Happier Clients” 

The business world has woken up to the fact that people matter: something we’ve known from the start.  

This manifesto is foundational to Everpark’s customer service model and plays a critical role in shaping our company culture.
Employees are incentivized and encouraged to go above and beyond their job descriptions. We champion the cause of making every person the best they can be by:

★   Offering opportunities for personal growth and education
★   Instilling a positive attitude and culture of joy
★   Calling out and affirming those who have a desire to excel 

As a result, our employees: 

★   Take pride in their work, doing whatever it takes to accomplish goals
★   Take pride in developing theircareers
★   Work with enthusiasm, spreading the love and happiness 

We acknowledge that we’re better together, and we don’t just say it: we live it out.

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